Love, Giving and the Christ Consciousness

by Lester Levenson

Christ is not the man Jesus. Christ is the title of Jesus who has attained the Christ Consciousness. And I think if you separate the two, Jesus and Christ, you will far better understand the meaning of His words and the meaning of the Bible. When He says, “I am the way,” He doesn’t mean Jesus, He means Christ. So, first I’d better explain what I mean by Christ and Jesus.

Jesus was a man who was born on this earth approximately 2,000 years ago, who, through righteousness, or right-useness, rightly used the world to attain the Christ Consciousness. In so doing, He showed the way to immortality that each and every one of us must take. We must die to death, eliminate from our consciousness all thoughts of death and hold in its place only eternality and immortality. In order to show us, He allowed Himself to be crucified so that He could prove immortality by resurrecting Himself. He was a way-shower and dedicated and gave His life only to show us the way. Christ Consciousness is the consciousness that saves us from all this mess that we find ourselves in when we try to be worldly man. It is the attaining of the Christ Consciousness that saves us from all the horrors and miseries of the world. It is the Christ Consciousness that gives us liberation from all difficulty and leads us into our immortality. If we were to try to be Jesus, we would have all the trials and tribulations that He went through.

However, when we become the Christ, by being Christ-like and thereby attaining the Christ Consciousness, we eliminate all and every misery and have nothing but infinite joy.

So, Christhood is a state that was attained by the man Jesus.

He attained His Christhood before He was born, and He came back to show us the way by actual example. And if you will keep these two in their meaning as you read the Bible, I believe it will make much more sense. Christmas is known mostly by the spirit of givingness, of good will toward all men. Locked up in that word “givingness” is the key to all happiness. It’s in the spirit of givingness that we have and experience the greatest joy. If you’ll think back, you’ll see that when you were giving, you were most joyous. “Love” and “giving” are two words that are synonymous. It’s in the spirit of givingness that the secret to joy lies. When we fully have that, we want to give everything that we have to everyone we meet, and we have infinite joy. It’s so important. It’s in the spirit of givingness, it’s not in the givingness of things, unfortunately, because Christmas is a great time of gift-giving. People are giving, giving, giving. But it’s not in the givingness–it’s in the spirit of givingness that the joy lies. The feeling of the spirit of givingness is felt more around Christmastime by more people than any other time of the year. It’s a wonderful thing. We should make every day Christmas. When we get full realization, we do just that. There isn’t a moment in which we’re not wanting to give everything we know to everyone.

If we give with strings attached, with reservations, with recriminations, there is little joy in it. But when we give freely, we have the greatest of feelings, and it’s this constant spirit of givingness that is the secret of eternal joy.

Now, the greatest thing we can give, as the Bible says, is wisdom, because when you give one wisdom, you give one the method of attaining everything, not just one single thing. So, the greatest of all givingness is giving wisdom, is giving understanding, is giving knowledge of this subject that we are interested in. I might explain it this way. If you give a man a meal when he’s hungry, he’s made happy for the moment, and he’s satisfied. But three hours later he needs another meal, and probably thousands of meals after that. So what is one meal that you give to him?

Relatively little. However, if you give the man the understanding of how to produce a meal, he will never go hungry! You will give him the knowledge of how to always have all the food he wants. You will have given him sixty thousand meals! So, that’s the greatest givingness, giving understanding and wisdom.  Practicing this would be an excellent method of growth, and, I think as a group you’re ready for it. Give this understanding to everyone whom you meet who asks for it. It’s excellent in that it takes you out of your little self onto others. It’s an act of love. I’m suggesting that this givingness be taken on as almost a way of life from here on to help others to get this understanding. It will help you to rapidly attain mastership, and it will give you the greatest of all joys. It’s good to give gifts. They should be given from the heart. However, I think we are all at the point where we can give much more than just things. We should try to give wisdom and understanding.

As you let go of your ego, you automatically tune in more with others. The less your ego, the more you are attuned to others. You reach a state in which they don’t even have to ask. You’ll discover that some people who ask don’t really want help. Likewise, some people who say, “I don’t want any help” are really wanting it. It takes a little experience to handle situations like that. But it’s true that as we grow, as we let go of our ego, we become more attuned to others, and we automatically help them. And we help at all times, no matter what or where a situation is. It could be the cashier in a market or someone you meet on the street. There’s always a certain givingness that should be going on all the time. And it doesn’t have to be only words of wisdom, it could be a kind word, an expression of love. It wouldn’t hurt to try helping others. That would be the greatest of all givingness.

The second coming of the Christ is not the same as the second coming of Jesus. The second coming of Jesus will be the time when He returns and walks on this earth again in a physical body. I believe it will be the body that He had the last time He walked the earth. The second coming of the Christ is when we attain the Christ Consciousness. As a group, we are very fortunate in that we are close to Jesus. This was very evident the very first time we had a meditation when Jesus came into this room and walked around to almost every one here. It was a very definite and a very important sign that, as a group, Jesus is very interested in us, is trying to help us with all the power that He has. That power is never given unless we are receptive to it. There’s no forcing it. He can only use His power when we open ourselves to Him. If and when we do, He is right there, ready and very capable. Just try Him. We need this direct connection with a master if we want to go all the way this lifetime. As I’ve said, it’s so difficult in these times to achieve mastership that it is necessary to have this connection with a master, so that when we are ready to leave this plane, he will assist us in getting full realization. There isn’t anyone in this room who cannot make it this lifetime, if he or she will just stay faithful to the path until the end. Every one of us can make it this lifetime if we really want it.

Christhood and full realization. “Making it” is becoming a master. What is a master?

A master is one who is master over all matter in the universe and who is master over his mind. A master is one who sees his own infinity right within him. A master is one who has undone all thoughts of limitation, who has ripped off all these sheaths of limitations and is free.

Jesus doesn’t save, the Christ Consciousness saves. We should believe not in Jesus but believe as Jesus believed. When we make an effort to attain the Christ Consciousness, Jesus helps us to realize it. Jesus is always available to anyone who asks and is receptive to His help. You may and can contact Jesus to the degree you actually accept the fact that you can. Were you to accept that you could talk to Jesus in a physical body, then you would meet with Him in a physical body. If you can accept meeting with Him in a vision or in a dream, then you would meet with Him in that manner. If you can accept Him as a presence, then you will feel. His presence and receive His support. It is all up to you.

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